Rental Weatherization Inspection

Milwaukee Inspection Service is State of of Wisconsin certified & licensed to provide you - the Rental Property Owner - the one time building inspection that is required.

A deed-transfer inspection will be required during the purchase or sale of rental property, unless:

  + The property is on record of having a prior weatherization inspection by a state certified inspector
  + The buyer has filed a stipulation to bring any non-compliant issues up to code within 1 year
  + The property or transfer is shown on the real estate transfer return to be excluded from the code

The buyer has filed a waiver with the Department of Commerce stating that the building will be demolished within two years

The standards are the result of State legislation (s.101.122, Wis. Stats.) directing the Department of Commerce to develop energy conservation standards for rental units. The cost of upgrading the building to the carefully chosen standards is recovered within five years in lowered heating costs. Thereafter, the savings continue and the building is more valuable at time of re-sale.

Please Contact Us for further information regarding rental property & when owner's must comply with the inspection code.